Here are some dialogue and character samples of my work for games.

Sample Dialogue

Collecting Evidence Scenes – Urban Fantasy

  • Written for Devil’s Advocates: Bell, Book and Candle, Attorneys at Law, an upcoming urban fantasy game for Black Chicken Studios.
  • The scenes include branching dialogue, skill challenges, and differences in text depending on whether the player chooses to play as the male lawyer or the female lawyer.
    • The lines that are completely written in italics are internal dialogue.
  • This was written using Microsoft Word, formatted as per the company’s specifications; it was later reformatted using JEdit. The final game will use the Ren’Py Visual Novel engine.

Romantic Dialogue Scene

  • This is a short scene I wrote specifically for this site, taking place in a restaurant between the female player character and a romantic interest.
  • The scene includes branching dialogue.

Sample Characters

Fantasy Character Bios

  • written for Holdfast: Record of the Dwarven Kingdoms, Volume 1, a gamebook by Black Chicken Studios.
  • I created three female Battle Priests for one story line, and six other characters (five pit fighters and a PR person) for the longer Pit Fighter story line.
    • The latter story had the option of stealing from them, hence the focus on their weapons.  All nine characters are in the final book.

Science Fiction Character Bios

  • Written for an untitled game from an unnamed Indie Startup.
  • These are some characters I created for an unreleased game.