Of Pieces and Memories cover picture

Of Pieces and Memories
Game Designer, Level Designer, Writer, and Narrative Designer
May 2020


hostile takeover logo
Hostile Takeover
Writer and Level Designer, January 2018
a project created during the Northern Game Design Challenge

Unannounced Project
Writer, October 2017
an unreleased game

Holdfast: Record of the Dwarven Kingdoms

Holdfast: Record of the Dwarven Kingdoms, Volume 1
Content Writer, June 2013
a gamebook from Black Chicken Studios.

Untitled Project
Game Designer, Level Designer and Narrative Designer, May 2013-September 2013
an unreleased game from an unnamed Indie Startup

Devils Advocates: Bell, Book and Candle, Attorneys at Law
Content Writer, August 2011-December 2012
an unreleased game from Black Chicken Studios.

Untitled Project
Narrative Designer and Writer, May 2011-November 2011
an unreleased game from an unnamed Indie Startup