You can find my pictures on Flickr, but here are some of the highlights:


two Predators at ThunderCon 2017

Two Predators at ThunderCon 2017

Event Photographer for ThunderCon

Published Photos and Contest Winners

Giant Sunrise

“Giant Sunrise”


  • Robarts” – included in the 7th edition of the Schmap Toronto Guide
  • Giant Sunrise” -published in Creating Meaning: Reading and Writing for the Canadian Classroom by Kathy Block and Hannah Hofer-Friesen (2010).
  • Scott” – published in The Walleye, May 2015.

Contest Winners

  • Still Life” –  third place winner in the 2010 Friends of the Sleeping Giant Photo Contest – people category
  • Joe Creek Falls” – third place winner in the 2009 Friends of the Sleeping Giant Photo Contest – scenery category