You can find my full bibliography here.

I have written numerous nonfiction articles and book reviews, primarily for the Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL). My nonfiction has appeared in The Chronicle Journal (republished on TBPL @ Your Library and TBPL Off the Shelf), The Walleye: Thunder Bay’s Arts and Culture Magazine, and Thunder Bay Seniors.

I also maintain or actively contribute to the following blogs in addition to An Acquaintance with Letters:

  • Sustainably North, which documents my attempts to live a more green and sustainable life here in Northern Ontario.
  • The List!, my catalogue of the books I have read since 2008.
  • TBPL Off the Shelf (formerly Best of the Backlist), which is where Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) staff talk about new and old books they’ve read.
    • You can find a complete listing of the blog posts I’ve written for TBPL Off the Shelf here.
    • We started interviewing authors in February 2014 on the blog as well; to date I am the sole interviewer.
    • We now post the new @ Your Library articles on TBPL Off the Shelf (the old ones are (the old ones are still available on
    • Prior to starting TBPL Off the Shelf, we had a blog dedicated to the 2008 adult summer reading game at TBPL, Read ‘Em & Eat 2008. The blog ran for only one summer, during which I contributed 16 posts.